Tools To Help You Make Presentations in College

Tools To Help You Make Presentations in College

Are you a college student? Whether you are majoring in English or Science, there is a great chance that you will need to make a presentation at some point. A good presentation demonstrates your knowledge on a topic, redeems you in the eyes of your professor and earns you that passing grade you need to get onto the career of your dreams.

With just the mention of the work, this strikes up the image of a boring session that includes research and less than perfect quality displays. However, creating a presentation does not have to be a complete bore. There are plenty of online resources that will help you get the best grade possible with professional images, video, and animation. So if you need help with assignment, check the following tools list. They were created to make your college life a bit easier. Consider this training grounds for when you land that executive position and need to get your point across to fellow coworkers. Here are the tools to help you design the right presentation:

1. SlideShare


SlideShare is changing the way students display ideas and concepts. No longer will you have to depend on old Microsoft PowerPoint. This online resource has been recognized by many of the greatest businesses worldwide. SlideShare is completely cost effective and easy to use. All you have to do is simply import your file from Word, PDF, or PowerPoint. Add fun effects by including YouTube video clips or images from Google. This creates shareable content that you can embed and include into your LinkedIn account.

2. Prezi


If you have ever experienced a boring presentation, you also know that the horribly organized work also includes dull images and transitions. Prezi offers a fresh, fun approach to presenting your information with the use of creative visuals and cool motions. Your classmates will love you and your professor will reward you with an impressive grade. Your work will not be forgotten but will leave a lasting effect on your audience. The best part about Prezi is that it works well with most devices such as desktop computers, smart devices, and Cloud.

3. Zoho Show

Zoho Show

If you have ever used PowerPoint, then you will find Zoho Show to be an easy transition from the old approach of presenting information. With this resource, you can create fun presentations with templates, video, imagery, transitions, and animations. A few impressive features that are included in Zoho Show are image editing, flowchart building help, and shape effects. If you have a group presentation, this website is best as it allows for multiple users to edit the same presentation. You can even share your work with the world and embed it into your website.

Google Presentations

4. Google Presentations

PowerPoint has also found its way into another online platform. Google Presentations is inspired by the old presentation maker but its only difference is that it is online. If you have a PowerPoint presentation, you can simply import your material to edit or begin with preset templates by Google. This resource provides many options as it offers more than 450 letter designs and the ability to include YouTube videos and pictures. Multiple users can also edit one presentation. The only downside is that this option does not include sound which may be frustrating to your audience. The brighter side is that you can always embed your amazing presentation on any website and share on any social media platform.

5. Canva


If you do not consider yourself to be a techie, then this is a great option for you. Canva is one of the easiest ways to create a fun presentation. There are numerous templates that enable you to simply choose a design and customize it to your liking. Save yourself the headache of choosing the perfect way to build a great visual. Canva does it all for you. The amazing news is that iPad users can now download the app and create presentations on the go. If you forgot about an upcoming presentation or are strapped for time, Canva allows you to create a presentation in few minutes.


6. Powtoon

If you are interested in creating fun minimalist animations that stand out, then you should consider Powtoon. Powtoon provides thousands of options to create a wonderfully compelling video with animations. The visual creators of Powtoon understand the importance of a quality story. Not only do businesses require this, but so do college professors. Enjoy the freedom to tell a story through visuals that attract the attention of audiences.

Gone are the days when people only relied on PowerPoint to create great presentations. There are many innovative resources you can find on the web that cost you little to no money at all. Try one of these options for your next big presentation.You might also want to read about the professional college application essay help.