The Best Modern Gadgets for Students 

The Best Modern Gadgets for Students 

Technologies develop with an amazing speed these days. Fifteen years ago, it was hard for many of us to imagine such thin and small phones, yet now so many people use them. The same happens to all spheres of our life: now we have gadgets for mothers, for sportsmen, and, of course, for students.

Modern students have so many gadgets that can simplify their lives greatly: starting from iPads that can be used to read books and write essays  and ending with various microwaves that make the whole process of cooking breakfast much easier and quicker. However, these are not the only gadgets students can use: there are even more amazing ones, and today we’re going to tell you about them.

1. Mobile chargers.

Students use their smartphones, both for communicating with friends and for studying, so it isn’t surprising that smartphones’ batteries die fast. Mobile chargers can help with that: all you need to do is to charge it beforehand, then take it with you and use it every time your phone or tablet dies. However, don’t forget to take a USB cable with you to connect your device to a charger. And remember to recharge these gadgets often, as one charge is enough only to power up your device several times.

We recommend trying Tylt Energi model, which comes with a built-in wall charger, allowing to power up both gadget and your phone. MiPow Power Cube is good too: you can power your iPhone 6 times with the help of this charger.

2. iPad cases with a keyboard.

iPad cases with a keyboard

Writing essays would be much easier if your iPad had a real keyboard. Lucky for you, today it’s easy to find an iPad case with a keyboard attached: it protects your tablet well and allows you to write quicker. You might even think that you don’t need a laptop anymore now!

However, these cases don’t work with old generation iPads. If you have iPad Air 2 and above or iPad mini 2 and above, we recommend using amazing Zagg Folio case.

3. Slim notebooks.

Sometimes a tablet just isn’t enough. Yes, it is good for reading and writing essays, but when it comes to using a certain software (for example, Photoshop if you learn to design or Visual Studio if you learn programming), you might consider using a notebook instead. Of course, a heavy and big one is hard to carry around, so if you can buy a slim one, do it. We recommend choosing Apple MacBook with Retina display: it is powerful, slim and especially good for designers.

Strap gadgets

4. Strap gadgets.

A perfect option for busy students and for those, who might need a helping hand during their exams. Such gadgets transmit sound from a wrist to an ear: basically, all you need to do to answer a call is to connect a smart strap to your phone, then bring your hand to your ear and listen! You can forget about searching for your phone everywhere to answer a call.

5. Bluetooth speakers.

Students’ life is about both work and play, so it’s important to mention a gadget that can be used purely for fun. A phone speaker is usually not powerful enough to play music loudly, so if you are a fan of small campus parties that don’t need huge speakers, but still could use something more powerful than a phone one, you can check out amazing Bluetooth speakers. They are light, easy to carry around and extremely powerful for such a small thing. Cambridge Audio G2 model is one of the best options.

You don’t need to have all these gadgets to be a successful student. However, having some of them can make your college years more simple and pleasant.