How to Learn English Online

How to Learn English Online

English is a new Latin. It opens a door to the world. This is the only language studied in any country, although now everyone speaks English fluently. You will hardly find a person who knows nothing in English. This language has penetrated into all spheres of modern life. Today, any successful business requires a profound knowledge of English so that you can communicate with international clients and customers.

An employee who speaks English fluently can expect for the better position, higher salary and quicker promotion. Studying a foreign language is a good investment in your career development.

Today, anyone can study English even without leaving a home. Online education allows choosing the best methods for you, find a good online tutor, and use special sites and application to keep the satisfying level of language and don’t forget to check your writing with proofreading and editing services, they can not only correct mistakes you’ve made, but also explain the rules and the proper usage of words. Here, we collected several the most effective methods for studying the English language online.

Use applications for learning new words

There are various applications for studying English words online. Using them, you can learn new words, their spelling and their meaning. It is better to choose apps that allow you enter the letters by yourself. In this way, you will remember how to spell a word correctly. Another type of useful applications is to insert the word according to its meaning.

Perhaps, the best applications are those that are developed for IELTS and passing other tests on language knowledge. They include all stages of learning foreign languages: listening, reading, speaking and writing. Additionally, there are several apps suitable for Android and iOS and other less popular platforms to study English:

Duolingo – this is probably the most effective application to study English from the very beginning. The application is gamified which means that you need to complete some tasks every day to get the desired achievements. For each achievement, you get a reward.

Memrise – is an app created for expanding the vocabulary. Each day you increase the bulk of words you know and find out the proper situations for their usage.

Busuu involves several ways of studying English: vocabulary activities, pronunciation (studying dialogues), writing activities, and various tests.

LearnEnglish Grammar is the most effective app to enhance your knowledge of grammar. If you feel that this is your weak point, give a chance to this app: it has topics for different levels with appropriate tasks and tests.

Babbel is another great application for enriching your vocabulary. The most effective tools presented in this app are to complete phrases with the learned words and repeat them.

Online tutoring - is it effective?

Online tutoring – is it effective?

Online education is becoming more popular. Today, students prefer to watch webinars and listen to the podcasts rather than to visit seminars at the university. The other way of getting an online education is to find a tutor. If you learn English, this is perhaps the most effective and the most available method with various advantages. You can find a native speaker tutor who will guide you through the language studying. Besides, online tutoring services are not very expensive. Moreover, they are even cheaper than offline tutoring.

Among the advantages of this way of studying online, there are the following:

  • Quick access and possibility to contact with your tutor whenever you want
  • Big choice of native speakers who can explain all the peculiarities of the languages
  • Possibility to take lessons via Skype or other messengers
  • Schedule customization
  • Personalization of the approaches to studying: you can find a tutor that implements the methods that are most effective for you
  • English tutors in specified fields: if you need to study Business English or English Economics you can find a tutor who has experience in this particular field

Online studying, Skype lessons, educational apps and professional proofreading service online might be really good, don’t hesitate to use all help, you can get.

The emergence of online studying is caused by a quick development of online technologies. Soon, it will take the leading role in the education sphere and will capture the attention of all students. Modern technologies make online education available to everyone. The best universities provide online video courses for free and anyone can join them and listen to the best professors from all over the world.