6 Useful Ways to Draw Traffic to Your Blog

6 Useful Ways to Draw Traffic to Your Blog

You may have gone through those times when you prepare a post with all your heart and soul and publish expecting shares and comments to overflow the post but in reality, you get nothing. It seems that none of the netizens have come across your blog post and reading along is about a million mile away. You feel lonely, scared and frustrated and try to figure out what has gone wrong this time.

This happens to the company blogs most of the time and it is also quite obvious. Regardless of the niche you select, you are likely to compete with tons of contender who are trying to grab those same readers and therefore to stand out, you will most likely require something with a fresh twist, something that’s really not similar to every other article published on World Wide Web. It will demand for your time, money and efforts and you will have to employ a few crucial tactics for improving your blog readership.

Some of the smartest ways which are not quite hard to implement but can allow seeing a significant overflow of traffic, links or shares are here for you to get started:

Share as Many Times as Possible

According to experts, many people do not share content as many times as they should be. Many blog owners follow the trend of sharing once and forgetting the about the whole business. They publish a good quality content on the blog and distribute it across the web through the social media and sits back. But such blog owners miss those readers who miss the initial conversation.

So all you can do is share the blog posts as many times as you can after certain intervals. Some influencers may say that this is nothing more than spamming the users but it is quite like giving them the value that they have been promised. But you will have to employ the tactics for catching your users’ attention.

Get Some Influencers to Work with You

Get Some Influencers to Work with You

If you are really willing to see your readership growing, the key is to have some professional to write for you. This implies reaching out to the bloggers in your own niche with the greatest social following along with the ability for writing excellent stuff consistently.

When you have the professional influencers involved, you will not just get excellent exceptional content for the blog but also secure powerful distribution channels through the social network of the influencers. Having an influencer to work for you is a brilliant way of improving your blog readership.

Sometimes these professionals are also seen to write for leading media sites and therefore, they may be able to link something they have jotted down for your blog from even a third party web page in coming future.

Feed the Google Hummingbird

In the present Hummingbird era, there are ample opportunities for optimizing your content for numerous synonyms that you may be missing. It has been years that Google is ranking the synonyms in its search results. For instance, if you look for “SEO agency” you will also see “SEO company” as well as “SEO services” in the search results which are highlighted in bold.

So, what’s more, interesting in the whole matter is that right from the Hummingbird update, a page optimized for a certain keyword can rank in the search results even if it doesn’t contain that particular keyword. But in order to increase the chances of getting ranked in the search results, you should try to add the exact keywords of that particular phrase.

So you must employ the marketing strategy of getting some quick and easy wins by incorporating the important synonyms as well as an actual keyword for every content you post.

Get the Right Text for Your Tweets

Get the Right Text for Your Tweets

It is really crucial to ensure that you have your default text for tweets optimized. This would encourage your users to click on the given link and follow your posts on Twitter. A recent survey conducted by the Siege Media reports that a whopping 73 percent of enterprises blogs are reaping the benefits of applying this technique.

If you go for a generic message that offers no insight about the post will never encourage your readers to read it and you should never mention a Twitter handle which is irrelevant to the article as it would mean that people would not probably follow your account. Instead, you should optimize your Tweet text and make sure that it contains the title of the post, URL as well as the Twitter handle to see good Twitter referrals.

Repurpose Your Content in the Right Way

In the SEO industry particularly, for content to stand you’ll need to use a combination of case studies, research results, new experiments as well as opinion pieces. But how does this help to generate the required amount of traffic? You can repurpose the existing content by transforming your blog posts into some other formats of content. Your blog posts can be turned into a podcast or a screencast or a slide presentation or an e-book.

Choose a Niche Which Pulls in Traffic

It goes without saying that if your topic is dull, it is next to impossible to attract traffic. Then you will have to analyze your headlines before you decide to publish it on the web. Once you are sure about the topics you are knowledgeable about, you will have to figure out the things your readers want. Now, you will have to produce great content by combining these two points.

Though there is no substitute for a great content but these are also plausible means of increasing your blog traffic that is independent of the content itself. If you have a company blog which no one cares for, these tips would be of great help so that you do not feel lonely all over again.